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Accept Yourself Hypnotherapy Session


“I absolutely love, love, love this. I love the sound of your calm, soothing voice. I listened to it twice, once last night and again this morning. Bless you Andrew!”

Susan, Brighton

Nasruddin had lost his keys at night and was bent over checking every inch of pavement under a streetlamp looking for them.

Where did you lose them?” his friend asked.

“Over there in the forest,” replied Nasruddin.

“If you lost them over there in the forest, why are you checking here?”

“There’s more light over here,” replied Nasruddin.

Looking for validation from others or your achievements that you are fundamentally OK can get you in a world of perfectionism, people pleasing and trouble.

It is healthy to change your behaviour based on feedback while feeling basically OK as a person  In fact, it is that basic self acceptance that allows you to bypass defensiveness and develop.

If you

  • find it hard to receive negative feedback
  • are often too hard on yourself
  • seek validation through pleasing others or your achievements
  • numb or distract yourself from difficult feelings with TV, alcohol or Facebook

then improving your relationship with yourself could be a good start.

This instantly downloadable hypnotherapy session is to help you do just that.

  • 11 minute audio lesson to help you find new perspectives in your thinking
  • 23 minute relaxing hypnosis session to help you re-connect with the experience of being at peace with yourself