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I hope you found the video useful.  Let me know how you get on.

If you’re considering whether you’d like to change this for yourself and join the programme, here are some details to help you decide if it would be right for you.

I would suggest you consider whether you are currently too hard on yourself.  If you are, then you’ve got the most to gain.  It will be cheaper than private coaching and almost certainly more effective than a book.

What You Get

  • Three short video exercises each week for four weeks to help you show up more on your own side. The exercises won’t take long. It’s not about overloading you with information. It’s about building consistently better habits in how you relate to yourself.
  • A private Facebook group with other people making similar changes.
  • Personal support.  I’ll be there pretty much every day to answer any questions and help you overcome any challenges.
  • Like a fitness programme or a yoga class, I can’t do it for you. I’m here to help you. And the first part of that is you deciding that that’s what you want.

If you’re not clear about anything, just ask.

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Core Content

I’ll be adapting to the needs of the group but the core of the course over four weeks looks like this.

1 Awareness, Choice & Practice
– How to consistently better habits in how you relate to yourself
2 Imperfect Progress
– The four things you need to make your progress stick
3 Taking Tea with Edgar
– Stop warring with yourself and make friends with your inner critic
4 Want a Nigerian Inheritance?
– See past the ways your inner critic uses psychological biases to trick you out of your self belief
5 Let’s Get Physical
– How to use your physicality and embodied cognition to shake off self critical states
6 Self Acceptance and Healing Shame
– Loosening one of the core issues that lies behind harsh self criticism
7 Be Prepared
– Using the power of “negative thinking” to innoculate yourself against self criticism in advance
8 Developing Your Inner Supporter
– How to be a good boss to yourself
9 Psychological Nutrition
– How to boost your psychological immune system to ward off bouts of damaging self criticism
10 Getting Stuff Done
– How to make a start and turn imaginary problems into real ones!
11 Letting in the Good Stuff
– Get better at accepting compliments and acknowledging your strengths
12 Weeding and Seeding
– Planning your habits for the future


Less than the price of one coaching session.  Bargain if you join now.

  • Standard price – £49
  • Early bird price before 14th September – £39
  • Super early bird price before 11th September – £29  ← This week only

Hope that helps.  Any questions, just ask.

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