Free To Be You!

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Free To Be You!

Self care and assertiveness skills to become as good a friend to yourself as you are to everyone else


  • Feel freer to be true to yourself and express yourself honestly
  • Become more confident and skilled saying ‘no’, negotiating and acting in your best interests
  • Undo blocks around assertiveness and ‘being nice’ that have stopped you in the past
  • Start treating yourself with respect and feel like you’re worth standing up for

You’ve probably tried to get better at standing up for yourself before, but it just didn’t feel right.

Maybe you worry that looking after yourself is “selfish”, you instinctively put other people’s needs before your own, you feel like you have to keep making up for who you are, or you tend to “keep the peace” only to suffer or find things go wrong later.

Instead of just giving you techniques, this course also helps you change how you think and feel so you can relax and standing up for your interests can begin to feel right.

Dates:  6 weeks from 11th October to 22th November.  Weekly videos and exercises to do when you want plus live group coaching calls for personal help Wednesdays 6-7pm

Price:  £95 Early bird price up to October 1st only £65

“My husband has noticed a very positive change in me since the course 🙂

After other courses I just reverted back to my timid self. I thought this might be the same, but instead I have come away feeling enlightened and optimistic and have started putting things into practice.

The content was excellent. I’ve learned not to worry if someone doesn’t like me and to calmly express my feelings instead of holding them in.”

Deepa, London

A Self Care & Assertiveness Fitness Programme

We’ve all read books or been on courses, felt good at the time, but then slipped back into old habits afterwards.

This course is different.  It’s like a self care and assertiveness fitness programme to help you stretch how you think, build your skills and and apply your changes in your life.

  • Stretching to help you loosen disempowering beliefs about conflict, yourself, assertiveness or being ‘good’ that might have been holding you back
  • Core Strength exercises to build your confidence, integrity and pride
  • Cardio — mini challenges to start applying what you’re learning in your life
  • Live online Team Talks and coaching with me and other participants to work through problems and keep you on track

About Me

Andrew Cain DHypPsych(UK)

I qualified as a brief solution focused cognitive behavioural hypnotherapist in 1999.  Since then I’ve done further study in motivational interviewing, provocative therapy, NLP, coaching and using the body for change.  My work stretches from one-to-one therapy and coaching to communication and leadership training.  Clients include the NHS, the Royal Air Force, GP training programmes and hundreds of individual clients.

I help you

  • Get clear so you know what to do next and why
  • Calm emotional triggers so you can start responding instead of reacting
  • Put new habits into practice so they become part of your life

This course follows the path I’ve travelled myself.  A journey from believing that my only role in life was to serve others to learning to also accept and support myself.  It’s the programme I wish had been available for me all those years ago.

“Andy is a smart and very insightful coach. He is caring when he needs to be and tough when he needs to be. Working with him has made me more effective and resilient.”

Jules, London

“Working with Andrew allowed me to see where I was getting in my own way and unravelled some of the thought patterns that were leading to certain results.

He set challenges that were pitched at the right level to put me out of my comfort zone without being overwhelming. I’m now doing things that I wanted to do before, but felt I couldn’t.”


Programme Schedule

The programme runs October 11th – November 22nd.

Each week you will receive four to six short videos and exercises for you to watch and do whenever it suits you during the week.

Every Wednesday at 6-7pm UK time we will have a live online Team Talk group coaching and discussion session. If you can’t make the session live, I will send you a recording shortly after.

You will have access to all the videos and course materials after the course ends.

Week by Week

Week 1
Be Your Own Coach

Kick Start Call — 6-7pm, Wednesday 11 October — Changework secrets: Setting goals and how to make change stick

Video and exercise themes
  • Harness the mindset proven to create more motivation and better results
  • How to come back to balance when life throws you off
  • Build your resilience by meeting your needs

Team Talk — 6-7pm, Wednesday 18 October

Week 2
Your Own Best Friend
Video and exercise themes
  • The real way to grounded, authentic self esteem
  • Stop needless self sacrifice
  • Embrace who you are, both good and bad

Team Talk — 6-7pm, Wednesday 25 October

Week 3
Solid as a Rock
Video and exercise themes
  • Reclaim your integrity and values
  • Start becoming someone you’re proud of regardless of what anyone else thinks

Team Talk — 6-7pm, Wednesday 1 November

Week 4
Conflict Confidence
Video and exercise themes
  • Start overcoming fear of confrontation
  • How to build real, grounded confidence
  • Untangle your tongue – practice saying ‘no’, negotiating and making requests

Team Talk — 6-7pm, Wednesday 8 November

Week 5
Embrace Your Power
Video and exercise themes
  • Learn to love your ‘no’
  • Feel more comfortable with healthy honest boundaries
  • Embodying your power

Team Talk — 6-7pm, Wednesday 15 November

Week 6
Befriend Your Anger
Video and exercise themes
  • Learn to listen to your anger and channel it effectively
  • New you – Renegotiating established relationships to mirror your changes

Closing Team Talk — 6-7pm, Wednesday 22 November — Building on your wins and carry your changes into the future

Is It Right for You?

It will be particularly helpful if you recognise some of these

  • You’re great at taking care of others but forget to look after yourself
  • You don’t speak up about things that bother you then end up feeling resentful
  • Part of you hopes that if you’re kind enough to other people for long enough, they will get the message and do the same for you
  • Looking after yourself feels selfish and wrong so you don’t do it

If that’s you, that’s OK.  Your kindness towards others is a wonderful gift.  It’s just got out of balance.  We’ll strengthen your other ‘muscles’ so you can be start being as kind to yourself as you are to others.

The course is

  • About doing, not just learning – You’ll get weekly exercises so you bring your changes into your life
  • Personal – The weekly Team Talk call and private discussion group mean you have a place to bring up your challenges and get personalised help
  • Affordable & Accessible – There’s no need to travel and you can do the exercises when it suits you
  • Requires some commitment – You wouldn’t get fit by just watching an exercise class.  Same here.  You’ll get out what you put in.  It’ll be fun!
  • Unique – I don’t know of any other course offering the same combination of inner change and practical support.
“The sessions were very helpful. I’m putting my own needs before those of others more often now instead of always wanting to make others happy. I am better at taking time for myself.”

Ilse, Wellington, New Zealand

“Andrew will help make those meaningful changes that can make such a difference to your life.”

Debbie Janson

If you’d like to join us to

  • Start thinking more fairly
  • Build your self esteem and confidence
  • Feel better about acting in your own interests and expressing how you feel

Then, click on the Paypal link here.

It is just £95.  Not much more than just one coaching or therapy session for six weeks of supported change.

Early bird price until October 1st – £65.

Clicking this will open a Paypal page where you can pay securely using either your Paypal account or a credit/debit card.   I’ll write to welcome you personally shortly afterwards.

If you change your mind, you can get a refund any time until the beginning of the course.

If it’s not right for you but you’d like to hear about my other work, you can enter your email address here.


If you’d like to ask a question, email me at and we can work out if it would be right for you.  I only want the right people to join so I’ll help you decide.  Whatever’s right for you is good for me.

Thanks for reading. I look forward to working with you.