Tame Your Inner Critic

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Live, interactive webinar – 6-7pm UK time, Wednesday 20th July

  • Start turning your inner critic into an “inner supporter” to help you progress

  • Understand what causes self defeating patterns of harsh self criticism, shame and perfectionism

  • Know why taming your inner critic leads to better relationships and higher achievement

  • Enjoy taking new steps, stretch your comfort zone, and begin to learn more

Relates to: Confidence – Self Esteem – Performance – Relationships

Join here https://andrewcain.webinarninja.co/my/wnwebinarlist/index?webinar_id=14704

No fluff
It’s free and there’s nothing in particular to sell so we will spend the whole time focused on you.

Attend live if you can
We will be doing actual exercises together so attend live if you can so we can talk about what comes up.

If you want to come but can’t make the time, sign up and I’ll send you a recording afterwards.

Questions / requests
Mail me at hello@andrewcain.co.uk

Join here https://andrewcain.webinarninja.co/my/wnwebinarlist/index?webinar_id=14704


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